What makes ConsumerWorks unique?

I am an experienced focus group moderator and brand analyst who will work to seamlessly organize your research project nationally or internationally. Whatever your goals, ConsumerWorks can help you gain that essential marketing edge.

The best way that I can help you understand what makes my approach different is by demonstration. Below are a few presentations I use to help clients understand what I can do for them. Please note that these presentations are designed to work in tandem with a presenter. They are not stand alone documents.

This first presentation is a basic review of how I approach branding and the techniques I apply.

bullet Approach to Branding and Techniques

This next presentation is a full blown Brand Exploratory which covers a broad range of issues that concern the Brand. Most importantly it explains the current brand position and the changes necessary to optimally position the brand within the marketplace.

bullet Full Blown Brand Exploratory

This third Presentaton introduces clients to the idea of using storytelling as a powerful advertising and marketing tool.

bullet The Power of Story as an Advertising and Marketing Tool

This last peice is a brief introduction to using Cohort Research.

bullet Cohort Research

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Myhtmaking on Madison Madison Avenue


The third edition of Sal Randazzo's marketing classic is currenty in publication and will be available in November 2008...more info.