Unique Branding Solutions

I'm a digger - a truth seeker who enjoys helping my clients explore new ideas and solutions that can help them build strong enduring brands. The materials on this website will give you a good idea of how I work. Whether you're conducting focus groups or an extensive brand analysis, I can help. Contact me to discuss the various services and techniques we can use to achieve your branding goals.

Key Articles - Here are some of the articles and presentatons I use to help clients understand my approach. They are in PDF format and will open in a new window. For additional articles see the Unique Approach Page.

bullet Emotional Myths Behind The Brand's Growth

bullet "SOUP" - Brand Mythologies and Mytho-symbolic Worlds

bullet Archetype Analysis: Understanding the Myths Behind the Brand

bullet The Bermuda Triangle - Digging Deeper

bullet The Power of Story as an Advertising and Marketing Tool

bullet Brand Mythology: Advertising Builds and Maintains Brands
___By Creating Mythologies & Mytho-Symbolic Worlds


Myhtmaking on madison Madison Avenue


The third edition of Sal Randazzo's marketing classic is currenty in publication and will be available in November 2008...more info.